Strategic consulting services include:

Signal & power integrity analysis

Design reviewing high-speed serial link routing & power decoupling implementation
Defining PCB stack-ups and material selection

High-speed serial link channel modeling & characterization

PCB cross-sectional analysis

Backplane conceptual designs through meticulous planning, defining & optimizing backplane interconnect wiring

Customized training & executive mentoring

Concurrent engineering with client design teams

High Speed Signal Integrity &
Backplane Specialists

FCI ExaMAX® demonstrator backplane and daughter cards designed by Bert Simonovich This demonstration platform was the result of collaboration between FCI, Viasytems and Lamsim Enterprises.

At DesignCon 2014, the ExaMAX® demonstrator platform showcased TI’s 25 Gbps retimer interoperability with Xilinx Virtex-7 FPGA 25/28G transceiver technology by running 4 x 25.78125 Gbps lanes at a BER of better than 1E-15.

At OFC2016 Xilinx demonstrated successful error-free transmission at a data rate of 58Gb/s using PAM4 encoding
over the ExaMAX® demonstrator platform.