“I've had the pleasure of having Bert on my team for most of the past 12 years, in roles involving backplane architecture and design and also involving signal integrity. Over his more than 30 years at Nortel/BNR, Bert has had a hand in most of the key hardware platforms developed. During his tenure on my team he's developed backplanes and been involved in system packaging for Passport 15K, 20K, 9K, OPC, MPE9500 and MetroNext along with a number of concepts developed for other platforms. He led a signal integrity team for me, formulating a method to introducing science and methodology into what, until then, had been the black magic of getting signal integrity right on boards. This team also undertook to grow the broader knowledge of the design team so that they could focus on the truly gnarly issues. He has contributed to the industry knowledge on via structures and impacts on high speed traces, especially in backplanes. His last design for MetroNext proved out simulation results to beyond 10Gbps. Bert brings an incredible work ethic to whatever he tackles along with a meticulous attention to detail, not only telling whether something is possible but also providing the details and science behind the answer. He provides well thought out design schedules and he delivers to that schedule. His track record on designed right the first time is impressive. I have no hesitation in recommending Bert - he's a great team asset.”

-Michael Miron, Senior Manager, MetroEthernet Hardware Development, Nortel

“I had the great pleasure of working with Bert as he led the backplane design on a number of next generation systems. The backplane is one of the most important parts of any system because it defines so much about its upper limits and capabilities and because errors are extremely expensive to repair. Because of these two factors there isn't anyone I'd trust more to build it than Bert. He is technically excellent and very creative. He is meticulous in everything he does and his designs show it. He is also extremely productive and always meets his commitments. I would be very pleased to work with Bert again in the future and give him my highest recommendation.”

-Rich Wilkie, Vice President of Engineering, Nortel

“Two words sum up my experience working with Bert: integrity and credibility. Bert is extremely conscientious about his work. You know when you get an answer from Bert that it has been well researched, is reliable, and yet is still delivered in a timely manner as needed in our industry.”

-Liz Hache, Senior Product Manager, Nortel

“Bert is an excellent hardworking quality designer. Worked with Bert on a large successful Nortel project and the whole team knew that when Bert did something it would be done well with good engineering behind it. A trusted well liked team player. Definitely an asset to any company.”

-Guy Duxbury , Access Systems Architect and designer, Nortel

“Bert and I worked on a project that required a steep learning curve and rapid execution which is typical. Bert flawlessly executed every objective and delivered on time with high quality. Most notably, what was impressive was the manner in which he performed his tasks. He was methodical, paid great attention to details, saw risks with foresight, and suggested mitigation strategies early on. His documentation was of high calibre. His dealings with colleagues demonstrated professionalism. He trained new staff and treated everyone with courtesy. Bert's technical skills are equally impressive both on the job and outside as evident in his technical publications, some of which I had the pleasure of reading.”

-Jeevan Vishnu, P.Eng, Engineer, Ericsson

"We hired Bert to evaluate multiple board designs and we were extremely pleased with his services. Bert was able to very quickly find some issues and recommend improvements with both our power and signal integrity, which have been proven out in our labs. We were very pleased with Bert's efficiency and professionalism, and I would definitely recommend him to others needing these type of services."

-Chad Hamiltion, Vice President, Product Development, BittWare Inc.