Innovative Signal Integrity and Backplane Solutions
DesignCon’s “Engineer of the Year” Award is given out each year during the DesignCon event. The award seeks to recognize the best of the best in engineering and new product advancements at the chip, board, or system level, with a special emphasis on signal integrity and power integrity.

The winner will be announced at DesignCon on April 7, 2022, at the Santa Clara Convention Center, Santa Clara, CA, and provided with a $1,000 grant or scholarship to present to the educational institution of his or her choice.

We received many excellent nominations and chose four to be finalists. The four finalists for the 2022 Engineer of the Year Award are listed below.

·  Scott McMorrow, CTO, Samtec
·  Richard Mellitz, Distinguished Engineer, Samtec
·  Steve Sandler, Founder,
·  Lambert (Bert) Simonovich, Founder, Lamsim Enterprises